Boom: Engaged and cheating Thai girl

Meet this week’s Thai girls patrol victim (and I say that loosely) that’s sporting an addictive and beautiful smile, Boom. She’s a 21 year old engaged street walker that we picked up exactly as shown here wearing only an unassuming top and cute little short pair of.. shorts. She was quite plainly dressed. Probably doing this in secret. This girl is all legs. Very enticing for a a bunch of pussy hungry mongrels like us. After mincing a few words about the toy TukTuk that was very similar to the one we picked her up in, our man with the white lightning in his pants boldly declared to see her tits. No sense wasting time about it, right?

Much like most of the girls walking the streets of Bangkok, Boom was no stranger to these demands. Most girls would get a serious look on their face but not these girls. Gleefully, she obliged. Time for us all to get down to business! What a petite and perky pair of tits this one has. They were literally the size of an average westerner’s hand. Once could cover them and make them disappear using only their hands with a bubbling, budding sensation of excitement jiggling ever so so gently and stiffly beneath. After many compliments, it appears our man just made a hooker blush. Which is astounding considering they’ve heard it all before!

This spinner definitely coined her name for her assets and it was time to see just how far her beauty goes and what kind of skills she may have, for that matter. Removing her dainty black panty, Boom showcased her body and teased the camera with a seemingly shy demeanor but she was most likely just putting on in anticipation to get to the deed she was here to accomplish because after a few choice poses, she quickly took hand to his cock and wrapped her mouth around his thick half-hard sausage. You can see his cock come alive from half-hard ‘amazing inflatable flailing arm man’ inside her mouth to raging hard like an industrial door sized springy door-stop. Boi-i-i-ing!!