Tik: Cute Thai girl proves to be almost more than I can handle

As luck would have it, TukTuk Patrol sent me out to find a scrumptious young Thai sex worker to have some fun with for our fans and I ended up picking up another girl named Tik. (FYI: Not same girl featured here before). Talk about luck or is it a case of a Thai sex worker using the same common name many do around here?

After waving her aboard we set out towards the hotel on the TukTuk. Her braces have that “I’m cute and impressionable” look to them that would be irresistible for most. I have learned that the more innocent a sex worker seems, the more nasty they can get!

After the obligatory showing off of the hotel room, which isn’t much to see, it’s a room with four walls and a pisser through a door after-all, it came time to explore that body of hers. Like any red-blooded white man would, I went right for the panties under her short dress and didn’t waste time bending her over to explore her cute little Thai sex worker ass! So perky, brown and full of joy! If you’re a fan of LBFMs of this caliber than you’ll surely agree, she has more going on down south on her body than most girls do. A perfect shaven snatch peaks out from between those beautiful little butt cheeks that just begs to be fucked and I sensed that’s just what she wanted from the moment I took a look underneath!