Lana: Super hot Thai girl is one hell of a babe!

It’s not too often we come across such high quality, gorgeous head-to-toe and well spoken Thai girls like this on our travels to pilfer as many Thai whores as we can. Her beauty was so much that our pal Mr White had to sit down for this one. Can’t blame him there! You can just imagine the thoughts that would go through someone’s mind when encountering a girl of this caliber that you know you’ll soon be fucking.

Her name is Lana and she has a very playful personality! Always smiling and eager to please. it’s obvious she has done this before. After a nice inspection of her cute little Asian ass, she offered to off take some clothes for us… no doubt trying to get right to the point of why we are here in the first place. For these Thai whores, it’s all about business!

We’re still not entirely sure which was the better view, Lana in her panties or in the nude. Tough call. One that I am happy to report that we got to experience both of with great admiration!

We’re confused to report a development in this story. It appears that Mr White was so enthralled by Lana that he was last seen by a friend of ours at a Bangkok airport, running off with Lana, to catch a plane out of the country somewhere undisclosed. This place may be jam-packed with people but it’s still a small town in many ways. I can’t say that I would blame him for doing it at all. I think we all fell in love with Lana, her beauty and her skills. He may be the one lucky one that lands himself a trophy wife out of every 5,000 foreigners over here. Kudos and good luck to him!