Tukta: My Thai girl’s merciless creampies

I have had an urge to give my Thai girls loads of creampies for some time now. SO I went for a walk to the marina to see what I could dig up. Low and behold there was a Thai princess waiting on the railing. I just knew I had to pick this one up and make her my girl.

Ok, I got a little secret to share. When she hopped up on top and decided to fuck me for my worth, the view of her fat tits bouncing up and down actually did make me cum a bit but I kept my composure and didn’t let on I did anything. It was just a little bit, enough to guarantee that if she don’t take a creampie later, I can at least say I busted a nut in her. With a body this fine, it’s no surprise that I could easily keep going with her. Oh guys, this girl can grind like the best of them!

I would like to say that “I” decided enough was enough but the urge started to take me over again. This was going to be it. The very reason I asked this almost too-easy-to-be-true short timer to come home for “pictures” with me. I knew my impending DNA payload was coming. I had to think quick! I wanted to feel this the best way I could with a view that would forever be engrained into my own dirty little mind. I quickly flipped her back onto her back and continued to pound her until my cock exploded deeply within. You know that feeling when your payload blasts in and splashed back at the tip of your knob? Yeah, she noticed it too. It was an instant “Oh FUCK! This was not supposed to happen” expression that came over her at that moment.