Oam: My Thai dream girl picked up

Meet my Filipina girl, Oam. I picked her up while walking back to my hotel. She had me in love at first sight. She is a DREAM girl! She made me feel butterflies in my tummy! Innocent looking, a must-have and sweet as American apple pie. Maybe she’s done this before??

Oam is sporting one very beautiful ass. I can’t help watching them jiggle as she giggles and moves around. Amazing and tiny tits too! My Thai girl will surely be one to remember for a long time! She was like candy! I whipped out my dong and presented it to her in a matter-of-fact way before she gobbled it like a professional. My oh my this girl could suck dick like a champion! One of the best blowjobs from my Thai girls ever! To end it all off, I left her with a massive pile of cum all over her face. Such a pretty face for a cum facial, isn’t it?