Kai Nee: One man’s dumped date is another’s fucked Thai girl!

Mr Nasty has been at this long enough now that he knows who’s game and not. Very rarely does he falter with his gut instincts. Sometimes you just know who’s a dirty wittle whore and who’s not. Case in point: Today’s pickup with Kai Nee. If you love your Thai fucks easy, cute and tight, then this will be sure to tickle your fancy. Or at best, you’re pickle in hand will fancy your tickles!

The boys spotted her at this little road-side place talking on the phone and casually looking over. Of course, Mr Nasty was giving her the googley eyes and the random comment her way, so when she was asked to join for a drink, she put the phone down and came right over. Yes, it really is that easy sometimes. Don’t forget that this is the land of pussy in a tourist’s paradise.

We’re not really sure if Kai Nee understood most of anything said to her because there was a lot of smiling and nodding going on but when it comes to pickups and the international language of fucking, I’m quite sure she understood everything when it came down to the invite back to the villa for a “swim” and some fun.