Lek: This Thai girl can cure any hangover!

Mr Nice (camera man) went out for a cruise in the tuktuk while his subject of filming was asleep (hungover) dreaming of tight Thai girls when he was all-of-a-sudden awoken once Mr Nice came home with a gorgeous Thai girl, named Lek. Quickly, Mr Naughty lost his hungover attitude and was grateful for the gift he has just received! What a doll she is!

This girl was horny from the get-go. Grabbing his dick, sucking him off and offering her moist loins to this strange naked white dude that reeked of tequila! Maybe it’s because she’s never seen a cock this big before or it’s the excitement of offering herself up as such a prize, but she went to town on this bloke’s cock! If you love furious fucking in many positions, you will surely love this HOUR-LONG episode!

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