Asian Sex Diary: Even more Thai girls!

Guys, some of you know that John Tron shoots videos for us, too, and we feature his fuck-work on our TukTuk Patrol site quite often as well. I want to tell everybody that John also has his own site called Asian Sex Diary, that contains only John’s videos. They are 100% exclusive to his site only. He updates every day with either a different girl, fucking a girl, meeting a girl, going to strip clubs and even visiting different locations in the world where he finds hot, willing and horny Asian girls that just love his white cock.

Here’s a quick run-down of the girl he met and fucked within just one week in Pattaya, Thailand. This should give you a pretty good idea of what his site is about.


To top it off, this bugger even has a special section called “Try It Out For Yourself” where he updates, in addition to his daily diary, with tips, tactics, information and how-to’s to get laid, traveling Asia, staying in hotels, traveling the city-scapes and even about eating out. His most popular series right now is “Asian Fuck University”. He teaches you how to meet, date, talk to and wade-through bullshit with Asian girls. It’s epic.

PS: You may notice some girls are wearing masks. All members get uncensored pics and video. No masks!