Ping: Perfect Thai girl creampied!

John here,

Ping may have only been a 60-minute temporary girlfriend, but she is one who will be remembered by all! That body is fantastic (just a few stretchmarks) and a lovely little attitude. She’s no stranger to dick (like most Thai girls I find around here) and loves to please a foreigner. With girls like this, why would anyone even want to leave Thailand? Well. I left… but that’s not the point, I do have a Diary to keep updating! haha

At times, I felt like I was with a Thai teen freshly in town for her first time. The view of her pussy, spectacular! Her small tits, delicious. But for me guys, what really got me horny like a dog for her heat was when she took my cock in hand, licked, sucked, teased and gobbled it, just like that.