Nanny: Not your average natural Thai bush!

Guys, check out Nanny! She’s a gorgeous young Thai babe that the guys met in a patrol a couple months ago. I just LOVE this hairy pussy. Those of you who know me will know that I sometimes have a weak spot for the muff. In many cases, hairy Thai girls are cleaner-tasting than the best-shaved whitey, and that’s being 100% honest here.

All you white western women with your strong soaps, perfumes down there, never bathing before and after sex and never taking care of your razor burns need to learn how to properly care for yourself. Trust me ladies, your guy would eat the box right off this sticky and moist hairy Thai in a heart-beat.

Just imagine your slippery shaft sliding into that sticky matted mess after she gets horny for you! It’s epic! It feels like the warmest, softest, most womanly ‘cushion for your pushing’ that you will ever come across. Add in Nanny’s fantastic big apple-shaped ass here and well… you have to try one