Jay: My firm & sweet Thai girl

After having some provincial girls from different backgrounds come through the ranks of my Thai girls, this 19yo little sweetie sure suffered city-life shell-shock, but the true shock to us was once her sexual-mode was unleashed and the teasing began, this girls body blew us away. Absolutely perfect. Sculpture by Gods.

Not that it matters much, but she couldn’t even spit in English, let alone speak it. Thank fuck for translator apps, right? She was like a deer caught in the headlights but oh-so adamant tog et sexy-time going. She’s in love, even if she knows its only temporary.

This being her first time with a white guy, let alone a stranger, a girl like this just cant “act” this type of scenario unfolding here. From the video above, I’m sure you all agree, she’s a true diamond in the rough and this is a scene like no other. She’s not crazy in the sack, but she’s also no slouch either. Graciously, she pleases John and takes her time to make him very happy 🙂